Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The official Amazon App deal of the day 3/30/11

SoundHound Infinity

by SoundHound, Inc.

List Price:$4.99
You Save:$4.99 (100%)

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Product Description 

SoundHound Infinity is instant music search and discovery, with the world's fastest music recognition. It is the ultimate music app, ad-free with unlimited usage and premium features.

Say it, tag it, sing it, hum it, or type it -- SoundHound Infinity offers every gateway of music search. Boasting the world's fastest music recognition, the world's only sing and hum recognition, and voice-directed search, it lets users find and explore music faster than ever before with rich content including cover art, videos, lyrics, song previews, recommendations, tour dates, and more, all with one tap access.

SoundHound Infinity's Android home screen widget, included only in the paid version, allows you to put the SoundHound widget on your homescreen, giving you immediate, one-tap launching of the music recognition feature. A heavily requested feature by Android device users, the SoundHound widget is the fastest way to ID a song. Even if the song is about to end, you may still capture it!

Key Features

  • Blazing fast music recognition: name tunes playing from a speaker in as little as 4 seconds
  • The world's only viable singing and humming recognition
  • Voice recognition music search: just speak a title or band name to check it out
  • Lookup song lyrics
  • Song previews allow you to listen and sample tops hits and new discoveries
  • Buy link for instant music downloads, including Amazon MP3
  • Song mapping allows you to see where you discovered your songs on a map, and can be viewed later in your History
  • Social sharing: it's fast and easy to share your song IDs via Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and e-mail
  • Optimized for both phones and tablets, including Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Tab

Product Features

  • Enjoy unlimited usage -- all users have free, unlimited access to all features -- no limits
  • Utilize blazing fast music recognition capabilities
  • Listen to song previews and sample top hits
  • Try the world's only viable singing and humming recognition
  • Buy tracks from or search YouTube for videos

I highly recommend this app! Yesterday's app deal was Angry Birds: Seasons. 
It's already up on the Android Market for free, so I didn't make a post for it. 


christopher said...

very good deal, thanks for letting us in on it :D

Joseph White said...

Ohhh shit I just bought this for my iPod, didn't know it was on android!!!!!!! hahaha oh well it's a great app anyway

Steve Carrel Fan 420 said...

Hey I actually have this app, and use it often. It comes in pretty handy when you just can't remember the name of a song and its driving you nuts!

Gets the song right most of the time, but of course some obscure songs haven't yet been added to the library.

All in all, great app 7/10

Mr. Wheeler said...

I have an iphone

frameaj1 said...

Nice app, grats on the +100 followers aswell +1

Azurikai said...

downloaded ;)


Totenkreuz said...

HOw long is it free?

Jordan Vargas said...

@Totenkreuz Generally 24 hours.

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