Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Android, Windows Phone to rule mobile

Android and Windows Phone will reign supreme in the smartphone market in the not-too-distant future, a new IDC report claims.
According to the market researcher, more than 450 million smartphones will ship in 2011, up from the 303.4 million units last year. IDC predicts that Android will account for 39.5 percent of all smartphone shipments this year, easily besting Symbian's 20.9 percent market share. Apple's iOS platform is expected to be running on 15.7 percent of the smartphones shipped in 2011. RIM's BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7/Windows Mobile will round out the top five with 14.9 percent and 5.5 percent market share in 2015, respectively.
IDC's 2011 expectations likely won't surprise many folks. But its 2015 estimates will.

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It's amazing how things have changed. All these super cool phones, all this new technology. Impressive what we're capable of doing.

5 comments: said...

That's what /m talking about!! Great article, android rules!!!

Alpha said...

Suck it, Apple!

Percivert said...

Android is better for me. More customizable, wi-fi sharing (EVO), among other features.

OFCHokkaido said...

Woot andriods!

after3 said...

Amazing post. ever time I think you cant top yourself.

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