Sunday, March 27, 2011

The official Amazon App deal of the day 3/27/11

Diner Dash 2 by Glu Mobile Inc.

List Price:$4.99
You Save:$4.99 (100%)

Product Description

Flo is back in this intense second helping of the hit game, Diner Dash. Now a successful waitress, Flo returns to help four restaurant-owning friends -- Darla, Tony, Margarita, and Toshiro -- save their restaurants from the greedy Mr. Big who eagerly wants to open his disastrous Mega Multiplex Food Plaza. Flo desperately needs your assistance to save her friends' restaurants!

Diner Dash 2: Restaurant Rescue is an addicting game of micro-management. You play the action-packed role of waitress-in-charge: seat customers, take orders, serve the food, accept payment, and ensure the table is cleaned up and ready for the next customer. Experience the intense, in-the-moment life of a waitress as you keep an ever watchful eye on your customers and do everything in your power to keep them happy and tipping big!
Appealing Characters & Features
This version of the addicting arcade game introduces four new customer types:
• Bookworms
• Cellphone addicts
• Families
• Joggers
Each customer must be handled in their own unique way. For instance, provide highchairs for babies and mop up those spilled drinks. And those loud-mouth cell phone gabbers should really be seated next to customers that might not mind the noise like other patrons may. There is even a dessert bar available to your happiest customers (bigger tips!) and a bench to help keep those waiting customers content. Get extra points by simply sitting customers in chairs that match their outfits and earn bonuses for efficiently chaining your activities!
Hours of Entertainment
Diner Dash 2 is sure to dish up hours of fun, filled with quirky new characters, challenges to keep you on your toes, and power-ups. Hone your skills in the first few levels and then new items and features are added gradually so you aren't overwhelmed, while still enjoy a challenge. Succeed in passing the penultimate challenge at Toshiro's Grill and play your final levels at a surprise restaurant. Mr. Big may even make an appearance!


Anonymous said...

I think I'll pass on this free app of the day. Speaking "of the day", I like how you are keeping to your word of updating once a day.

John Clipper said...

Not really my thing, but thanks for sharing anyways!

Anonymous said...

100% off, that's a good deal

EmoGoth said...

This is right within my budget.

DisposedCheese said...

Keep updating. Good blog.

Biff Tanner said...

It's a fun little game.

vteqspade said...

Cool, i played the pc version a few years back. Wasn't really my cup of tea but my sister enjoyed it though

Gaming Like Mad said...

Best arcade game ever!

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Great post.

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Great post, game

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